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Stick Control

Percussion group playing music their own arrangements of compositions from pop to jazz. Stick Control are: Dmitrij Averjanov (marimba, vibraphone, xylosynth), Bruno Domiter (drums), Andrej Hočevar (e-bass), Grega Gorenšek (marimba, vipraphone, accordeon), Vid Jamnik (marimba, vibraphone, xylosynth).

"The craziest version I have ever heard of my Compositions. There are many crazy percusionists out there, who play lot of my music in various ways, and I do not always approve or like it. But this is so far one of the craziest :) And you know what? You must be SLOVENIAN to do such crazy thing."

Composer of the Music, Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic


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